I joined the development team of Niloosoft as a freelancer in 2008. I participated in several long-term projects and continues to this day. I started working on “Talink.me” when several screens and the starting line of the system were already designed by a talented designer who could not continue to participate in the project. I continued to develop new screens and added branding and Identity. The system has two main types of clients: “Talents” – potential job seekers and “Head Hunters” – recruiters. Each of them gets its platform. Recruiters can find their next Talent within the Talink.me platform and across the network (LinkedIn, Xing, Stack Overflow, GitHub). Talents can open a profile on the Talink.me system, either visible or anonymous, and search for their next job actively or passively. Before the challenge was to design each side of the platform with its branding concept that is uniquely suited to each side but in a similar branding line, in addition to this, I have provided visual patronages for complex system operations, which can serve the customer easy and understandable. Over 100 screens have designed the above project.